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Looking for electronic design and development services, pcb layout, custom electronic products, microcontroller development kits or pre-packaged micro controller modules? We’ve been in electronics design and development for 25 years. We can help you with: Electronic design services, Schematic capture and Pcb layout using Eagle software. Reverse engineer an obselete pcb or provide cheaper options for your imports. Supply completed products like isolated USB to RS485, industrial microcontroller development kits, pre-packaged microcontroller modules (making production, testing and repair simpler).
Microcontroller design 
Microcontroller design We can design your product  from the ground up using the PIC series microcontrollers from Microchip or we can accelerate the design by using our microcontroller development kit
Microcontroller design
PCB layout 
PCB layout Using Eagle software we can help you lay out your design from schematic capture to pcb layout to prototype to manufactured final product or anywhere in between
Eagle CAD schematic capture and pcb layout
Products We have a number of specialised products like loadcell interface kits, isolated USB to RS485 converters, industrial microcontroller development kits and others   
Microcontroller, loadcell and RS485 products
Projects We are always busy with a number of custom electronic projects for our customers, usually microcontroller based and we keep an updated list for interest
Microcontroller, loadcell and RS485 projects
{PCB layout}
{Microcontroller design}
{Microcontroller based projects and products}
{Microcontroller kits}
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Currently busy with: Handheld instruments Dosing controller SD Card Datalogger Sequential controller Loadcell interfaces Isolated USB to RS232 Capactive touch buttons Weighing in motion Methane detection Industrial weighing
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